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July 22, 2024  


Our projects include;




° Commercial        ° Residential       ° Hospitality       


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Arc Innovates Resources has a knowledge development and investor in people policy, our way to give back to society.

Our AI Youth Pilot Scheme is a workshop and enlightenment program designed to reach out to the youth in the graduating and undergraduate classes of various higher institutions of learning. This is aimed at helping them redirect all of their positive energy into self development and being success-driven individuals as well as practically check the on-going brain drain and marginal employment being experienced in our societies. This scheme is embarked upon utilising joint participation with already existing bodies who share the same passion and knack for excellence with us and by so doing want to achieve the desired impact. For the benefit and effectiveness of this outreach, all with interest of contributing and/ or participating could please Contact Us.



Contact Us for more information on your interest. Or simply take a tour of our site.



Affordable Fully Detached Houses
Avon Royal Court (ARC) is now selling its Premium 5Bedroom terrace Houses and off-plan Premium Finish 4Bedroom fully Detached Houses with attached servant quarters.

Also available are plots of land within gated estate.

Take advantage of our Payment Plan.

Please contact us for more information; mail@arcinnovates.com

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